Uradni predfilm filma Twilight je ugledal beli dan (na internetu)!

Film Twilight, ki ga snemajo po knjižni uspešnici Stephenie Meyer, ima težko pričakovani uradni predfilm:

Premiera v ZDA bo 21. novembra letos. Kdaj, in če sploh, bo film prispel na velika platna, v Sloveniji seveda, pri Koloseju ali Planet TušU, se še nič ne ve.

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Glasbeni velikan MTV je podrobno analiziral ves predfilm Twilight!

Just one month before the eagerly anticipated “Twilight” hits theaters, the third and final trailer for the flick has leaked online. The longest and most epic of the previews we’ve seen thus far, every shot is pure candy for a Twilighter’s eyes.

Naturally, MTV News has once again put together your exclusive, definitive, shot-by-shot analysis of the new “Twilight” trailer. As you watch the clip again and again, read along to see what you may have missed, and then post your thoughts in the comment section below. These two minutes and 22 seconds of bliss have us every bit as excited as you are — so stay tuned to MTV for more “Twilight” news, and we’ll see you at the theater November 21!

0:01: The MPAA warning card tells us that the preview is appropriate for all audiences and that “Twilight” will be rated PG-13 for “Some Violence and a Scene of Sensuality.” Really? Just one scene? Because if there’s one thing Stephenie Meyer fans want, it’s more scenes that include the words “sensuality” and “Robert Pattinson.”

0:06: Cool, ominous-looking, time-elapsed photography of the Pacific Northwest region, where Forks is located. Moody chamber music sets the scene.

0:10: The blue “Twilight” font reveals the words: “On November 21 … ”

0:13: We see the still-viewed-as-an-outsider Bella (Kristen Stewart) sullenly making her way through the school parking lot, listening to her iPod. Check out the way Bella’s old, beaten-up truck stands out from all the blandness that surrounds her.

0:17: ” … Nothing will be the same.”

0:20: The still-creepy Cullens stare Bella down from afar, as Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) and Alice (Ashley Greene) congregate under an umbrella. Edward, looking very James Dean in his leather jacket and T-shirt, is already unable to take his golden eyes off her.

0:22: A key moment in the “Twilight” universe unfolds as Tyler Crowley’s black van comes careening out of control through the Forks High parking lot. Robert dashes over to save Bella before she knows what’s happening, thereby revealing his powers. Fans of the series have already seen this footage in previous trailers, but these shots are a bit more extended.

0:28: They make eye contact, each knowing that something just happened that they’ll have to discuss later. A brief, new shot shows Edward leaping over the back of Bella’s truck like an animal, eager to escape. All she can do is sit on the ground and stare at the indentation his hand put in the van.

0:38: “You’re impossibly fast,” Bella questions him as we watch them stroll along the river’s edge. “And strong.”

0:40: Our first glimpse at the beloved Port Angeles scene has some twinkling lights in the background as Edward and Bella discuss their situation over an Italian dinner. “You’ve got to give me some answers,” she says.

0:42: “I’d rather hear your theories,” he replies. So far, what we’ve heard of Pattinson’s American accent has been impressive — but am I the only one who had to rewind the trailer four times to understand the word “theories”?

0:43: We see Edward giving his spider monkey a ride up a tree, frolicking throughout the forest while their romance blossoms. His strength is shown when he rips a branch off a tree. Bella looks appropriately afraid, yet intrigued. “I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite,” she says in a cute line that references Spider-Man and Superman. Not included in Meyer’s novel, this exchange shows the film’s willingness to go beyond the page — and, quite frankly, it works.

0:47: “That’s all superhero stuff, right?” Edward replies as we see footage from the baseball scene of him running and jumping.

0:51: “What if I’m not the hero?” he asks, as we see footage of the duo getting stares as they walk around school together. “What if I’m … the bad guy?”

0:56: If that first part of the new trailer deals with their blossoming romance, this shot begins the dark consequences Edward and Bella have to deal with if they remain together. Starting with a full moon, we see some meadow footage from the day MTV was on the Portland set, followed by a quick shot of the apple-catch referenced recently by writer Melissa Rosenberg during our interview. Fans will undoubtedly cheer when they witness the moment, which ends with Edward presenting the rescued Red Delicious in an homage to the book cover’s depiction of forbidden fruit. Three letters come to mind: O, M and E.

1:02: “I know what you are,” says a breathless Bella. “Your skin is pale white and ice cold. You don’t go out in the sunlight!”

1:04: “Say it, out loud,” Robert urges Bella while standing behind her in the forest. “Say it.”

1:05: A cool close-up of Kristen Stewart’s lips as she utters the word that must not be spoken: “Vampire.”

1:07: The trailer merges two shots of the leads over each other, while Pattinson asks, “Are you afraid?” Her response? “No.”

1:09: As the music swells, we see more of the ominous forest that surrounds Forks. “This is not real,” Bella says. “This kind of stuff just doesn’t exist.”

1:13: “It does in my world,” Edward responds, as we see the two of them near the top of an impossibly tall tree. The screen goes black.

1:19: “I just want to try one thing,” Edward says, before leaning in to kiss his true love. Look, it’s the scene of sensuality!

1:23: A very brief shot has Edward in a tuxedo and Bella in a blue dress, standing in the middle of a gazebo. It’s our first official glimpse at the prom scene.

1:27: The final act of the new trailer hints at the impending dangers facing the couple. As a police vehicle pulls up, Bella asks, “What’s going on?” We see Bella’s father, Charlie Swan, for the first time, responding: “A security guard at the mill got killed by some kind of animal.” Check out the name, “C. Swan,” on his police jacket!

1:30: Enter the Nomads. We see shadowy figures killing the guard, while Bella asks, “An animal?”

1:33: A shirtless James (Cam Gigandet) jumps into frame, with bloodlust in his eyes. I’m still amazed by how different he looks in the film than in real life.

1:34: “My family, we’re different from others of our kind,” Edward explains while sitting in a tree.

1:36: The Nomads enter frame, walking on the “flying carpet” prop that several castmembers have alluded to, and which we saw in the early behind-the-scenes clip.

1:39: James smells Bella’s blood and remarks: “You brought a snack.” While Cullens such as Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) and Rosalie (Nikki Reed) can be glimpsed in the background, a furious Edward rushes toward his nemesis. As the infamous baseball-scene confrontation occurs, Carlisle rushes to the middle of the pack in an attempt to keep the peace. Esme pushes Bella back to protect her.

1:42: “Wait, now he’s coming after me?” Bella asks Edward as they ride in the Cullen Jeep moments after the garage scene that MTV saw on set. “The hunt is his obsession,” Edward replies while speeding away. “He’s never going to stop.”

1:45: A furious James is on the hunt.

1:46: Edward and Bella regroup in the forest. “I’d rather die,” she says, “than stay away from you.”

1:48: The blue, glowy “Twilight” words return: “From the worldwide bestseller … ”

1:49: We see James tracking them down as Laurent (Edi Gathegi) stands before Carlisle and warns: “He’s got unparalleled senses. Absolutely lethal.”

1:51: As Edward drives Bella’s truck, Emmett leaps on top of it. Action scene!

1:54: Edward makes his pledge to Bella: “I’ll do whatever it takes to make you safe again.”

1:55: We see a very brief shot of Emmett, Alice and Jasper springing into action. Is that the ballet-studio scene?

1:56: It’s no secret that the big climax is the ballet-studio showdown, which we’ve been seeing snippets of since the scene first premiered way back at the MTV Movie Awards. This trailer gives us quick, familiar shots from that clip — James tossing Bella to the floor, brandishing his video camera and smashing Edward’s head against the mirror — while the “Twilight” lettering reads: “Forever … begins … now.”

2:04: “You’re faster than the others,” James growls as he wrestles with Edward. “But not stronger.”

2:07: His face pressed against the shattered glass, Edward responds: “I’m strong enough to kill you.”

2:10: The music swells as Edward soars across the studio and attacks James, tearing up the floorboards as they do battle.

2:14: Edward looks at Bella, in another shot from the garage scene as they get ready to escape. Staring deeply into her eyes, he pledges: “You are my life now.”